System Settings

Press SYSTEM to view the System menu. The System menu contains various global parameters that apply to all operation regardless of the selected Beat or Sound. Any changes to these settings are remembered even after power is turned off.

Click Level:1...127 — Sets the volume of the metronome click.

One bar count in:Off, On, Record Only — When On, one bar of metronome clicks plays before recording or playback begins. If set to Record Only, the count in only plays before recording. If Off, no count in plays.

Note:Count in does not play when syncing to an external MIDI clock.

Fixed System Settings Level Velocity:2...128 — Sets the velocity value used when Fixed Level in Pad Options is on.

Pedal 1/2 Mode:Controller, Switch +, Switch -.

Pedal 1/2 Assignment:See table — Tempest’s two Pedal/Switch inputs can be configured to work with either momentary footswitches or expression pedals to control various functions.

Use Pedal Mode to choose the input device: Controller for an expression pedal, Switch+ for a normally open footswitch, and Switch- for a normally closed footswitch.

The table below lists the Pedal Assignment options and the input devices with which they are typically used.

Expression Pedal Footswitch
Mod Source Pedal 1/2 Sequencer System Settings Start/Stop
Master Volume Sequencer Start
Note FX 1 Sequencer Stop
Note FX 2 Record Arm On/Off
Note FX 3 Roll On/Off
Note FX 4 Reverse On/Off

Mod Source Pedal 1 or 2 routes an expression pedal directly to the Foot Pedal 1 or 2 modulation source. (See “Modulation Paths” on page 29 for more infor­mation.) Master Volume routes an expression pedal directly to master volume. The Note FX options allow an expression pedal to be used in addition to, or as an alternative to, the Real Time FX sliders. (See “Real Time FX” on page 34 for more information.)

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